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Human development is the key to success in all aspects of development. If Thailand has personnel who are fully qualified, they can be both knowledge sources and skilled workers. I believe this is the most stable foundation of the Thai economy in the future.

“Human Resources Development and Education Industry” be the answer for investors worldwide to see more clearly the development of Thai people in education and be able to set up a production base in Thailand with confidence that their investments will be beneficial and worthwhile.

Human Resources Development and Education Industry is a new type of educational management that focuses on developing people. It is another target industry to reform the Thai education system. In addition, the strategy of education and personnel development has also been adjusted to support the existing ten target industries. Therefore, the Ministry of Education will not be the only agency driving this project. However, it must be developed with other agencies mutually. In the future, there may be a study group that brings together universities, academics, and leading researchers from around the world in one network.

Currently, one of the driving forces for the Human Resources Development and Education Industry is the EEC-HDC. This new educational model penetrates three provinces in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), i.e., Chachoengsao, Chonburi, and Rayong. The Human Development Center (EEC-HDC) was also found to develop people to support the 10 S-Curve nationwide.

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