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Land importation It is the method of choice for transportation by car to the land border crossing. Suitable for importing products from countries that are not far from Thailand.

Trader must check permission for the goods before continuing with the procedures.

Importer-Exporter registration with Customs Department

Traders must register to be listed in Customs Department’s online database in order to perform electronic Customs formalities.


Registration is not required if goods, transportation and insurance fees are less than 1,500 Baht in total and are not prohibited or restricted goods.


Import procedures



In case of ordinary goods, “Import Entry with Excise Tax and VAT List” (Kor Sor Kor 99/1) is required.


Import Duty payment (if any)

Pay Import Duty (if any) and Customs fee before the inspection and release of goods. Payment can be done at either of these three channels:

  • Pay in person at any of the Customs pay points, either in cash, tax coupon, debit/credit card, and trader’s cheque guaranteed by a bank and approved by Customs Department 
  • Pay via e-Payment system
  • Pay via e-Bill Payment system, using Customs documents (e.g. Import Entry declaration, order form) containing QR Code, Bar Code, or reference number to pay at a bank teller counter or ATM or pay via internet banking. Alternatively, pay through 7-11’s and Big C’s Counter Service which have been authorized by Customs Department.


Inspection and release of goods from Customs Bond 

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