Re-exportation of temporary import for international exhibition or competition (international events) under Categories 3 (f) and (j) in Section 4 of the Customs Tariff Decree B.E. 2530


In case of re-exportation of items imported for exhibitions

In case of re-exportation of items imported for exhibitions, if a guarantee had been made in the form of cash/letter of guarantee issued by a bank/letter of guarantee issued the event organizer approved by sponsoring government agency/letter of guarantee issued by racing organizer approved by The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (RAAT) (in case of car racing), the importer must request a refund within six months from the date of re-exportation.


Inspect goods at the exhibition site

In case the importer requests for a Customs officer to inspect goods at the exhibition site, the officer will supervise goods loading at export port for inspection and release at the Customs Office/Checkpoint of export.

Re-exportation under ATA Carnet



Submit both Re-Exportation counterfoil (white sheet) and voucher which have been completely filled in, along with supporting documents at Customs Office or Customs Checkpoint of export.


Document checking

Customs officer will check documents and issue Customs duty exemption number or Customs duty payment number (if any), or contact Goods Inspection Section to collect goods from Customs custody.

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