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Importer-Exporter registration with Customs Department

Traders must register to be listed in Customs Department’s online database in order to perform electronic Customs formalities.


Registration is not required if goods, transportation and insurance fees are less than 1,500 Baht in total and are not prohibited or restricted goods.

Submission through NSW (National Single Window)

Note that some agencies have the NSW system (National Single Window) for your convenience. The applicants must register to use the NSW system with the licensing agency first to get the usage code. Then they will be able to submit documents through the NSW system.


Goods inspection and permit application

Inspection can be skipped for “general goods” and proceed to import-export formalities. However, for “goods requiring import-export permit/certificate”, traders must apply for an import-export permit/certificate from relevant organizations and submit it as supporting document for import-export formalities.

Review category of goods to apply for a permit, download application form, review procedures and supporting documents here.

Related agencies

Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission

Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission

Criterias and Documents

Ministry of Commerce

Customs Department, Ministry of Finance


Import procedures

Review import procedures according to mode of import.


Export procedures

Review export procedures according to mode of export.

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